All children should receive their first orthodontic evaluation by age seven. This allows early identification of potential problems. Certain orthodontic conditions are also best treated at this age. Other conditions are treated after most of the permanent teeth erupt, generally age ten to twelve.  Dr. Lisa can help you decide what is the right time for your child.

Early Treatment

Children can most easily achieve desired results through orthodontics due to movement ease that is incorporated into growing mouths. Gentle realignment can remedy crowding, excess spacing between teeth, and extra or missing teeth. Bite irregularities that gradually worsen with time can be corrected or prevented.

Adolescent Teeth

As your child grows, the need for orthodontic treatment is often obvious. Just as often, however, it is not. Even teeth that appear straight may lack proper alignment. It is advised that, as your child ages, occasional evaluations be scheduled to detect current or future vulnerabilities. When early treatment occurs, cost and time in treatment can often be minimized.